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The Key to Sustainable Farming: Cities,” Architects.org/Boston Society of Architects, May 2011

Trademarked in Trieste,” Print, February 2010: A collection of century-old trademark designs, at the Museo Commerciale in Trieste, Italy, is a feast for the eyes—and documents the birth of branding.  More and better images here.

A Future Woven in Rayon,” Chemical Heritage, Fall 2009: review of the Museo Territoriale Bassa Friulana, Torviscosa, Italy

The Lost Twin,” The Believer, November/December 2008: a half-scale World Trade Center tower

Admiration Journey,” The Believer, April 2007: a visit to Thomas Bernhard’s house


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Let’s Go 1993 series, Managing Editor

Let’s Go: London 1992, Editor

Let’s Go: London 1991, Researcher-writer


All the world’s a stage for this European nation—even its cakes are sweet show-offs.


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